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PEAVINE CAPITAL is an independent investment firm that oversees $650 million in assets. The firm was founded by Ken Lambert, the former Chief Investment Officer of the $35 billion Nevada Public Employees Retirement System.

Ken has over 25 years of investment experience, managing assets through some of the most volatile markets in history. Peavine Capital gives investors access to his unique institutional strategy.



There is no substitute for real world experience.


Investment management mastery is the ability to do more with less.


We seek to maximize returns given the portfolio's risk level.


An investment manager should only act when it makes a difference to results.


We actively manage asset allocation using a proprietary process that incorporates fundamental, quantitative and discretionary decision factors.

We offer four different risk levels of our strategy. Each owns the same securities, with allocations appropriate to that model's risk target. When asset class valuations change, we buy cheaper assets and sell more expensive ones.

We emphasize security quality and liquidity. We prefer securities with significant institutional ownership and high daily trading volume.